ECO reloaded with Brand new MOOC releases & updates

Enrollments are open for a new edition of ECO Project’s MOOCs, to be launched on Monday, March 7th. ECO’s catalogue has been enriched with updated editions of the most successful MOOCs and 2 brand new courses.

The new MOOCs, in Spanish, focus on cutting-edge topics such as applications of robotics and computational thinking to digital education and entrepreneurship and social network management in professional environments.

Eight other, improved editions ECO MOOCs will be relaunched on March 7th. Among them are several courses focused on enhancing teachers’ competences, a community Management training and ECO’s successful MOOC aimed at preparing for B1 level English exams.

The MOOC on Videos for teaching Learning and Communication, developed by Manchester University in English, will be also reopened and tutored from March 7th onwards.

Likewise, all systems go for a new edition of ECO’s transversal ´sMOOC Step by Step´, available in 6 languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian and German). Created according to an innovative pedagogical approach, the sMOOC Step by Step is designed to guide educators from all professional backgrounds through all the stages needed to create their own MOOCs. Moreover, those completing this MOOC, plus yet another course listed in ECO catalogue, are invited to actually make their educational MOOC projects real and become e-teachers. ECO offers monitoring throughout the process and virtual space on ECO portal to host their MOOCs. For further info on how to become an e-teacher, check participants’ FAQs on ECO website.

In addition, the English version of Instituto Politecnico di Milano’s MOOC ´To Flip or Not to Flip´ – Discover the flipped clasroom methodology , will be launched on its second edition on March 14th.