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Paper Writing Service

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The newspaper writing support is a necessary support for a college as well as for business. Most of the school papers are needed to be printed in time for classes. At times the paper writing service was seen as an activity for educational events.

Paper writing service is not a simple task for a normal person. It requires great skill Read More

Upcoming events: TransformingEDU@ CES2015

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This important and informative event connects preK-20 administrators, industry
executives, cutting-edge entrepreneurs, market investors and public policy leaders
to the opportunities, partnerships, academic research, and student/educator results
delivered via innovative technology and re-inventive thinking.
Some of the facts making TransformingEDU a relevant investment:
More and more educational decision makers are looking at technology not as a
distinct budget item, but as a
means to more efficiently and effectively address
core goals
and needs throughout their budget.

7 tips on how to create an online course

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Une belle semaine pour le sMOOC Doctorat et Poursuite de Carrière

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C’est une belle semaine pour le sMOOC Doctorat et Poursuite de Carrière !

En effet ce sMOOC  a été nominé pour l’évènement des #MOOC of the Year dans la catégorie Innovation.

Ce dernier a aussi été retenu par le journal “le Monde” dans son article :

Nous en sommes très fiers d’autant plus que les membres de l’équipe sont en grande partie des participants du projet ECO et du sMOOC Pas à Pas !

Nous remercions aussi tous les participants du sMOOC qui co-construisent cette expérience.

Bravo à toute l’équipe !


sMOOC Bac2Sciences

The Bac2Sciences sMOOC team keeps on collecting proofs of recognition for its work and it is well deserved!

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The sMOOC, Bac2Sciences was developed by female teachers who are devoted to their students with the idea to allow participants to revise their “baccalauréat”. The team consists of geographically distant teachers, from various disciplines, with complementary profiles and a common motivation to make their students succeed.

Thus, while proposing this MOOC, they have enabled their students to self-train and work together in the co-construction of knowledge on a common device.

This MOOC has been a real success and its creators are very proud!

Over the last few months they have been collecting proofs of recognition for their work:

· A favorite at Ludovia#13

· Finalist at the e-Education Symposium

· A multiple selection at the “Innovative Teachers’ Forum”

· Representations in different conferences and events: Educatec-Educatice, Clic 2016, Ludovia#13 …

At our level, we are also very proud we have been able to accompany them. Indeed, the ECO project allowed them to benefit both from the creation space on its platform and from our technical and pedagogical support.

Congratulations again to such a beautiful team!

As a reminder, the sMOOC content is still accessible here.




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