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Enrol on the current edition of “sMOOC Step by Step” and learn how to create your own sMOOC. (*)

(*) These participants will have the chance to become e-teachers after having finished the “sMOOC Step by Step”.


Step 1

Join up with fellow e-teachers and work together on your MOOC contents: (videos, PDF, podcasts, etc.)

Step 2

Set up your course on the platform

Step 3

Your MOOC starts

Step 4

Your MOOC ends

What is an e-Teacher?

An e-Teacher is someone who creates his/her own MOOC in our platforms, following the ECO sMOOC pedagogic model.

Can I become an e-Teacher? How?

Have you taken the course “sMOOC Step by Step”? Then, you can. If you haven’t, you are still in time to join our current edition! You just have to fill in the application form “Become an e-teacher” that you will find in the top right corner of ECO Portal (after log-in), and answer a few questions in order to give us an idea of your interests and intentions concerning your MOOC proposal.

I am not sure I want to/can do this by myself…

Well, that wouldn’t be a problem. On the contrary, we highly encourage you to contact other participants who share interests with you and form a group. You can use the forums on any of ECO MOOC to do this. There will be no limit regarding the number of teachers in the same group, but each group can only request their MOOC space in our platforms by filling in the application form.

Do I have to pay a fee to create my MOOC?

No, you don’t. We will provide you with the necessary online space in our platforms to create your own MOOC for free. But first, we need you to commit yourself to follow ECO sMOOC pedagogical model, that is, the pedagogical model you can learn by taking the MOOC “sMOOC Step by Step”. According to it, your MOOC shouldn’t be longer than 4 weeks, a period of time during which we will provide you with a free online MOOC space.

What if I want my MOOC to be longer than 4 weeks?

After the 4 weeks we provide, you will have to pay for the hosting service of the platform.

OK, I have filled in the application form. Next step?

You must have received a confirmation message. Your application will undergo evaluation in order to decide whether your proposal complies with ECO pedagogical model. After that, we will get back to you with our decision and further instructions on how to proceed.

If my proposal is accepted, when can I start working on my MOOC?

You will be able to start working on your MOOC right away, being January 2017 the last available month for it to be launched on our platform. Remember your MOOC should be a 4-week course.

Will I have any kind of technical support while I am creating my MOOC?

Sure. We will provide you with a support guide for technical issues that you can check in case of doubt. If you can’t find the answer in that guide and are still in need of technical support, you will be able to contact the IT crew via email (Contacts will be provided by the beginning of the MOOC creation period).