The ECO architecture allows for any MOOC platform to be be ‘plugged in’.
The direct results of such integration are:

  • The courses provided by the new MOOC platform are displayed on the common course catalogue on EcoPortal.
  • Existing and new users of ECO can access these courses directly without the need for an extra log in.
  • The courses are listed in the common ECO OAI-PMH target, which basically means they are automatically exposed to the world. (For more information about OAI-PMH click here)

The work that is needed for this integration has to be performed on the MOOC platform itself. This is a rather technical job, which requires understanding of the internals of the MOOC platform.

The necessary steps are described in the MOOC Platform integration guide.

For more technical information please contact ECO technical staff at


ECO has also some requirements regarding the pedagogical approach and supports the ECO sMOOC: social and seamless MOOCs. Potential MOOC platforms therefore should offer functions and features that allow learners to learn by doing and by interacting. More details are provided in the document ‘Pedagogical requirements for new MOOC platforms