The Portal:

Welcome to ECO, the online portal for creating your own teaching module online. All of its content can be visualized on   computers, tablets and/or Smartphones.

On theportal you will find online modules called Masive Online Courses, or ´moocs´ on different topics. You can register on this platform and enrol in the MOOCs you are interested in. On the top you can find a search field and find the MOOC and topic you are interested in.

Register in the portal, enrol in the MOOC or MOOCs you are interested in. In addition, you can even request a certificate once completed from the course with the corresponding University or educational entity of the MOOC.

This optional certificate will incur handling costs, varying per university or educational entity responsible for the mooc. You can find the rates in the technical file of each MOOC. To access this file you will have to access the platform via email and password.

Enrolment and completion of each MOOC is free of charge unless otherwise indicated. In not only will you be able to take the moocs you are interested in but you will also be able to develop your own moocs.