What is happening with MOOCs in Europe?

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What are MOOCs? What is happening in the world of digital online education? Which online courses are good for me? Why should consider designing my own MOOC?

What is the MOOC development?
The developments in the field of Massive Open, online Courses (MOOCs) are moving very rapidly and the options these format offers teachers are very relevant. MOOCs by their sheer online and open nature, are accesible anywhere and by anyone. For you as a teachers they offer the opportunity to teach participants far beyond the classroom and reaching out to participants that would otherwise never be able to enjoy neither the contents of the material, nor your methodology.

Breaking barriers
MOOCs allow you to break the barrier of time, place, age, gender and social class. Educators and managers in the field of e-learning all over the world are extensively discussing the framdwork for the full potential of MOOC-teaching to grow into a reality. If you would like understand what the MOOC-movement iss about, how it can positevely impact your teaching career or be actively part of it, attend one of the MOOC conferences or ask your management board to represent your teaching institute.

MOOC Conference Agenda 2015

15-18 September Toldeo, ES ECTEL, tenth European Conference on technology enhanced learning,Design for Teaching and Learning in a networked World. www.ec-tel.eu
14-16 October Sun City, SA ICDE; Growing capacities for sustainable distance e-learningprovision. www.unisa.ac.za/icde2015/
29-30 October Hagen,DE EADTU, Technology-based teaching and learning lead to the transformation of higher education. conference.eadtu.eu/
19-21 November London, UK EQAF, 10th European Quality Assurance Forum
Taking stock and looking forward.
2-4 December Berlin, DE Oeb, shaping the future of Learning. www.online-educa.com/