On line Tools and Apps for Adding Text to your own videos MOOC’s: Text Overlay

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Text Overlay

Considering that video is the main method of content delivery in MOOCs, we are going to provide you an overview of video types: Text Overlay.

This article forms integral part of the on line MOOC course Videos for teaching, learning and communication,created by The University of Manchester.

There are various on line tools for adding text to video. Before selecting one, you’d better weigh the pros and cons first. Check first the solutions for video text maker available and decide which you would like to use.

Free On line Websites for Adding Text to Video

  • YouTube Editor
    Text Overlay

    There is a lot of editing that you can do with this software program. It will offer you a complete solution to your editing problems specifically touching on adding text to video. You will enjoy simplistic and stress-free editing of your videos on line.
    Pros: You will have an easy time learning how to use the program and has high processing speeds that you can take full advantage of.
    Cons: Only basic features come with this software so don’t expect to enjoy all the features.
  • Video Tool Box
    If you have a video file as big as 600MB, this will be the ideal software program to use for adding text. It can analyze it and display all the important information concerning bit rate, resolution, frame rate and codec.
    Pros: It can function well on both Android tablets and phones which will offer you maximum benefits. With just a few clicks, you will be able to complete the editing work.
    Cons: It is highly susceptible to virus attacks which pose huge dangers to your computer system.
  • FileLab Video Editor
    You will be able to edit your videos for free using this on line software program. The key capabilities for this program include adding text to video, overlaying videos, adding transitions and managing several file formats.Pros: You will have the best time downloading and installing this program.
    Cons: The program is highly prone to suffering virus attacks and keeps on asking for plug-in re-installation.

Non Free On line Websites for Adding Text to Video

  • Pixorial 
    It offers a guarantee for stress-free editing and flexible sharing of videos upon editing. There is also seamless and universal importing of video files that you can manage with this program.
    Pros:It is a very simple to use program and useful when editing. The interface is good-looking which offers a reasonably high turnaround.
    Cons:The price seems expensive thus very few people can afford it.
  • WeVideo
    This is top video editing software that you can use online. It is very easy to use, can be hosted on cloud allowing for editing anywhere and anytime plus assured creative control.
    Pros:The interface is user-friendly which makes editing easy and enjoyable since you have the largest selection of effects to use.
    Cons:The price has to be where many people don’t like and it tends to increase as you export your videos.

Free Apps for Adding Text to Videos on iOS Devices

  • Vont
    You will get this software from the app store and will allow you ease in adding text to a video file. It has over 400 fonts all available for your use.
    Pros: It is easy to adjust size, color, gradient, stroke, shadow and background of your text. That will allow you to customize videos as per your personal preference.
    Cons: Its availability for free might cause you limitations to some important features.
  • Text on Video Square 
    This program has cool features that will definitely make your editing excellent and enjoyable. Using the software is another cool thing to enjoy when adding text to your video file.
    Pros: The app eliminates all the advertisements which are sometimes very annoying in a video and allows for easy video sharing.
    Cons:There are several countries where downloading the software will not be applicable.
  • Overvideo
    This app will provide you with the best way to have text added to your video file without experiencing any challenges.
    Pros: The time line feature will help you select the right positioning of the text.
    Cons: The full package of this app does not work effectively so you should not pay for that.
  • Splice
    This is a very powerful editor with quality tools to offer simple editing through using a time line. Apart from text, it allows one to add effects.
    Pros: It is a good choice for use by beginners who are learning basics of video editing because of its intuitive interface.
    Cons: It has very limited export options.

Non Free Apps for Adding Text to Videos on iOS Devices

  • Gravie
    Gravie works at very high speeds and offer ease of use in editing videos. It is one of the best programs to use in adding text to a video file
    Pros: The quality of edited video remains high thanks to the templates offered. You can as well share your edited video easily.
    Cons: The download option for the software is not available in all countries.

Free Apps for Adding Text to a Video on Android Devices

  • VidTrim
    The limitless number of features you will enjoy using with this app is the best thing that can happen to any video editor. Apart from adding text, you will be in a position of trimming as well as merging videos.
    Pros: Its support for multiple languages means you will enjoy using the app in different countries.
    Cons: You will not get maximum benefits since it’s available freely.
  • AndroVid
    The high number of features for this app will make it an ideal choice to add text to your videos any time. You will also have easy time sharing your edited video.
    Pros: It has very powerful capabilities for editing that suit Android devices.
    Cons: Expect some limitations because it’s available as a free version.
  • VideoShow
    It is regarded as the most popular software program for video editing in the Android market. You will have an excellent experience editing video with the program.
    Pros: It is very easy to share edited videos on sites like YouTube and Facebook in addition to adding multiple texts.
    Cons: There are features limitations because it’s available as a free version.

Non Free Apps for Adding Text to a Video on Android Devices

  • Video Editor Trim Cut Add Text
    You will have this app help you create an awesome video with simple editing tasks that include inserting text.
    Pros: You can beautify your video through adding text to the vid sections as well as enjoy easy video sharing.
    Cons: Downloading might occasion some challenges as well as features limitation.
  • Qditor

    It is easy editing that this app offers and which will encourage you to use it in adding text to your videos. After that, you can share freely with friends.
    Pros: The app has an intuitive interface that makes it suitable for use by even beginners.
    Cons: The price range might be too high for some people to afford.

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