UNED was founded in 1972. UNED courses are taught via distance learning for students all over the world. UNED offers graduate studies in 27 different fields that include Humanities Sciences and Social Sciences, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering and Computer Science. The graduate studies are supplemented by post-graduate courses like 43 Master’s and doctoral studies. UNED also offers post-graduate studies such as most of the 600 “Ongoing education” programmes for those people who have finished their graduate studies and want to continue studying. In addition 12 language courses are offered and more than 100 courses in Summer school.

UNED has a mandatory requirement from the Spanish Government to support and guarantee the participation of disadvantaged groups in higher education. Thus, UNED has been working for a long time towards the full integration of people with disabilities as effective full members of the university. For this purpose, the university has a Disability Office, where support services are provided for students with disabilities.

Rosa María Martín Aranda y Sara Osuna Acedo, representantes de UNED en ECO Digital Learning