Associate Partner


ANCES or National Association of European Business and Innovation Centres is an entity with legal personality and non-profit, whose operation is governed by the Associations Law 1/2002 from 22nd of March (Associations Act, 2002). Founded in 1994 with national scope, it came up with the idea of promoting economic and industrial development through the BICs, providing expertise on the creation of new Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) based on innovative elements with development potential.

Based on this goal, ANCES is presented as the appropriate framework to facilitate its 28 members the systems, services and activities that contribute to the achievement of its objectives with maximum efficiency and professionalism. Among the many ANCES activities, apart from the work of information and institutional representation of the Spanish centers to institutions, agencies and national and international forums, it is included the promotion and dissemination of the role of BICs as key agents between research, development and industry, support organizations in the implementation of new BICs, and establishing ties with different instruments linked to business creation.