Tabarca Consulting is an information technology consulting company, based in Malaga (Spain), offering a full service of management in Social Media, Online Marketing and 2.0 communications.

In Tabarca Consulting we apply exclusive 2.0 solutions to your company, association or institution, creating your corporate image in Internet and social networks, ensuring their Online Reputation and training our users for efficient use of information technologies.

Tabarca Consulting was founded by the Social Media Manager Vicente Montiel, and encompass a full team of experts who will guide, manage and provide strategic support on information technology 2.0 that allows you to concentrate on the central area of your business.
Tabarca Consulting offers cost effective solutions adapted to your needs.

Our multicultural team, expert on international projects, allows us to have an online marketing
overview, making all our proposal or services scalable to several countries.

Representation of Tabarca Consulting team Kick-Off Madrid
Representation of Tabarca Consulting team Kick-Off Madrid