The ECO proposal aims to extend to a pan-European scale the most successful MOOC experiences in Europe, piloting and showcasing these best practices by its implementation in regional hubs of excellence throughout Europe. To do so ECO will implement a merged MOOC platform integrating different modules provided by some ECO partners, to train teachers for online collaborative learning and certify teachers who will create their own courses.

Main project objectives are:

  • To analyse requirements for MOOC platforms from a pedagogical viewpoint (Including learning analytics, web 2.0 and other aspects).
  • To set up a framework for designing and implementing MOOCs.
  • To design the overall ECO platform architecture and integrate all the individual modules building the overall platform.
  • To pilot with the ECO platform in the 10 hubs involving at least 50.000 students (teachers from different educational levels).
  • To analyse and assess the MOOC market international scenario.
  • To develop an appropriate business strategy and business plan for ECO sustainability.
  • To increase awareness in Europe on the open educational resources benefits for European citizens and institutions.
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