Associate Partner

We are a civil nonprofit organization with full legal status. Since 1962, the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum has brought together Spanish companies involved in the peaceful use of nuclear power, ensuring that their interests are integrated and coordinated at the highest levels of safety and reliability in nuclear power plant operation.

  • Institutional representation in defense of the interests of the member companies of the association to national and local authorities and other stakeholders.
  • Support to nuclear industry for the purpose of contributing to business development and coordinating its presence in international fairs, as well as facilitating meetings with business opportunities in Spain and abroad.
  • Dissemination of knowledge on nuclear energy via training and educational activities such as conferences, courses, workshops, technical visits and didactic material on nuclear energy and its applications.
  • Participation in working groups, forums, debates, seminars and conferences on behalf of the interests of the Spanish nuclear industry and the advancement of nuclear energy.
  • Technical studies, analyses and publications on the characteristics of this sector, and of nuclear energy as a whole.
  • Management of the major documentation center specializing in nuclear energy. A library specialized in the nuclear sector, with over 4,000 registries.
  • Communication with the media, transmitting nuclear information via social media, press notes, informative worshops and meetings with information professionals.
  • We consider it of essential importance to curb climate change. For this reason, we remain committed to nuclear energy as it is a source of energy that can generate large amounts of electricity without emitting greenhouse-effect particles or gasses into the atmosphere.

We support an industry that generates stable and quality employment, and which makes an important social and economic contribution, both locally and nationally.

We believe in the importance of developing of nuclear technology through new techniques and research projects for electricity production and for their application in the fields of agriculture, energy, environment and medicine.

We provide specialized information to society, with the goal of spreading scientific knowledge and information on the topic of nuclear energy.