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Do you believe Google glass is fit for the classroom?

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Here at ECO we are unsurprisingly quite eager to learn about new tech developments that have an application in education. The application of Google glass keeps us however in a loop with many question marks. However we think we should not be the nay-sayers so listed a few of the advantages of this head-mounted device for students:

1. It optimises documentation time and there it helps you save time – for the teacher a lot of time is consumed by administration of student data. Report cards, observation memos, team reports writing, student presence, exam statistics, etc. The glass device the possibility to input different types of data in a lot less time than it takes a person to write it all down or even type. The voice recognition tool here is one the key features.
The glass function aids to cross reference documentation as well making it easier and fasster to give the teacher an overview of a student`s progress and cricle back with the parents.

2. It allows the teacher to create rich materials – Video, audio, images text can all be picked up with the glass and linked to a presentation.

3. It allows for post-class reference – The glass can be used to audio-record your class. You can then make this class available to your students by uploading the audio file to the school website.

4. It allows for online teaching – When you connect the device to internet you can connect to on online auditorium.

This is a quick overview of some of the advantages we see. Possibly there are more.
What do you think?

If you want to learn more about the use of a glass device in education we recommend this reading: The Teacher´s Guide to Google glass.