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Step by Step intro video

Would you like to know how to create your own MOOC? sMOOC Step by Step

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Now that MOOCs are hitting the scene, everyone wants to jump on board! Granted, some want to get into the game in the hopes of making some money (somehow?), but others genuinely want to know how they can create their own MOOC for educational purposes. Well, you have options!

Create powerful, interactive on line learning experiences has never been easier.

Everyone is an expert at something. But right now if you want to share knowledge on line you’re mostly limited to bogs, videos and slide decks.

This free Massive Open Online Course – MOOC is being made available by ECO, which is a European project based on Open Educational Resources (OER), that gives free access to a list of MOOCs in 6 languages, in most languages via Closed Captions (via YouTube subtitles).

Step by Step intro video

From full courses to short lessons and homework assignments, people can create unique experiences for students and embed them virtually anywhere on the web.

This course offers a practical and theoretical approach, is designed to help you experience a booming 21st century learning process as well as help you create your own sMOOC (social MOOC) in a step by step way.

It has been developed by a multidisciplinary team from a dozen professional institutions and has been built with their own MOOC experience and expertise in the ECO project and in accordance with its specific pedagogical model based on social constructivism.

Once you completed “sMOOC Step by Step” course, we will provide you with a space in one of our ECO’s platforms to host – for free – the SMOOC you create. It will be very easy:

  • Join up with fellow e-teachers and work together on your MOOC contents.
  • Set up your course on the platform
  • Your MOOC starts
  • Your MOOC ends

Align learning with the expectations and empower teachers to create rich interactive multi-media blended learning experiences.

Check it out!. We can’t wait to see what you create after completed “sMOOC Step by Step– Team UoMan.