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A-Z of strange intimate fetishes – Life Death Prizes

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A-Z of strange intimate fetishes – Life Death Prizes

Thank you for visiting a realm of filth, kink, and downright pervery with this A-Z of strange fetishes that are sexual!


Then you’re probably an agalmatophile if the sight of a statue gets you hot under the collar. Provides a complete meaning that is new ‘Nelson’s Column’!


Keep your cuddly Kermit far from these pervs, since they surely desire to ribbit! Yes, that’s right, batrachophiliacs have sexual fetish for frogs!


These oddballs undoubtedly like to ‘fill yer crack in’ – chasmophiles are intimately stimulated by cracks and crevices in walls or sidewalks. In 1993, Karl Watkins, of Aldridge, western Midlands, had been jailed for eighteen months after confessing to making love with sidewalks. And much more recently, YouTube footage surfaced of a guy in brand brand New Zealand together with his jeans and jeans around their ankles, thrusting vigorously during the flooring of a car park that is innocent. We think they have to be breaking up!


Ever discovered your self walking through some woodlands and thinking ‘Phwoarrr check the bark on that! ’ No, us neither! But in the event that you suffer with Dendrophilia you almost certainly would, because it means you have got a sexual fetish for woods! Some serious, erm, wood in July 2016, a Florida man was filmed – stark naked in broad daylight – showing a tree next to a busy road!


Individuals with eproctophilia have of…wait that is fetish it…flatulence and farting! We have to introduce them into the spouse. Each of them might have a gas that is right! Read More