The National University of Quilmes ( UNQ ) Argentina is a public university located in the city of Bernal in the Buenos Aires district of Quilmes. It was created by national law ” 23,749 ” 1989.

They began giving junior courses in 1991 and were regulated on 12 December 1992 .

It is located in the southern suburbs of Buenos Aires , its influence extends to the neighbouring cities of Berazategui , Florencio Varela , Avellaneda and Almirante Brown. In 2005 it had an enrolment of approximately 12,500 students distributed among 18 undergraduate and three graduate programs .

Their academic offer includes 11 undergraduate on-campus and 7 in virtual mode. It also has postgraduate training through masters and two doctoral programs (Mention? Mention Social Sciences and Basic and Applied Sciences ) . The UNQ is organized under a departmental structure : the Department of Social Sciences, the Department of Science and Technology and the Centre for Studies and Research ( CIS).