Founded in 1989, FEDRAVE — Fundação para o Estudo e Desenvolvimento da Região de Aveiro (Foundation for Study and Development in the Aveiro Region), is a non-profit private entity, with clearly educational, scientific and cultural objectives. It functions include activities such as the creation and management of educational institutions, granting of scholastic scholarships, editorial activity and development of innovative educational projects.

In 1992, FEDRAVE established ISCIA – Instituto Superior de Ciências da Informação e da Administração (Institute for Information and Administration Sciences), a higher education polytechnic institution, not integrated, but inserted in the national education system, and as such recognised by the Ministry of Education through Governmental Order 931/90 of October 2nd, which is governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Portugal, by the Basic Law of the Education System, by the Statutes of Private and Cooperative Higher Education and other applicable legislation.

Representation of Instituto Superior de Ciências da Informação e Administração, Raquel Pedrosa.