The importance of videos in teaching, learning and communication


Hub 2 - videos for teaching, learning and communication

The topic of videos in teaching, learning and communication is very important at the moment. Most people have videos or cameras with microphones and so easy to use. Video production used to be the domain of the film industry and was usually left to the very few with specialist skills. Now anyone can make a short video, with sound, text and special effects. Some people can also enable interactive video. Look at what the children (and adults) are engaged in these days? If we can catch their attention for more important topics but use the methods that engage them in play, then we have their attention. They can then expand on that knowledge as they do with social media and online gaming!

The MOOC for creating Videos for teaching, learning and communication is learning all about state of the art video production but using free editing software that is simple to use. We also guide you on how to upload, comment, and chat about your creations. Expand your knowledge further afield and be creative, using social media and web 2.0 tools that are free! The innovative course shows you how to access the tools you require to create a short video to promote something in your subject, and engage your students in a way that text and drawing may not. You can bring the imagination alive and encourage students to build on what you have learnt and share with them. The resources you can use are linked to free resources on the internet. Yes, free!

The guide for the MOOC (Videos for teaching learning and communication) has created videos for Virtual Learning Environments and for interactive resources for young students to trainee Doctors. The guide for the MOOC has a good deal of skills and experience in e-learning and especially interactive video creation and is very happy to discuss and comment on your creations. The MOOC is only a pilot at the moment and opinions of learners are very important. So register with the MOOC Videos for teaching learning and communication and start creating your video. We will inform you of the next phase once you register and you can carry along your registration to the next more improved phase 2 in May.

So, come along and register. All are welcome!

Author: Carol Ann Fowler – Teacher of ‘Videos for teaching, learning and communication’