Do you think these technologies are useful?

Here at ECO we came across this article on Google Glass technolgy applied to the classroom.
The article also focuses on the role of wearable technologies in the classroom in general and claims the following :

  1. Can be used for work training, for special procedures or equipment.
  2. Could be used by athletes to supplement workout footage that might be taken by a coach, in order for the athlete to learn to improve.
  3. Could be used by coaches to demonstrate a technique from their own perspective. For example, a track and field coach might record how they approach a high jump while athletes in training are watching, and can later watch the coach’s viewpoint.
  4. Could be used for a variety of how-to videos. For example, to augment cooking videos with footage from the perspective of the chef, including voiceover.
  5. Language learning tool combined with Google Translator.
  6. Distance learning via Glass, instead of on a computer or laptop.

Now, here at ECO we are openminded towards technologies being used for the classroom to enable teaching. But we are wondering What you think? Do you think you could use Google glass in your classroom?

Apart from the obvious hurdle such as money (Google glass today still costs  1.500 USD), what pedagogical advantages you see? Comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Read the full article here.