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How safe-for-work sex subcultures are curving Tumblr censorship

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How safe-for-work sex subcultures are curving Tumblr censorship

A vital pocket of resistance to the oppressive adult content rules over on Tumblr, it’s something of a running joke that this same community forms. Nonetheless, talking to feetish content creators, it is clear which they too have already been struck because of the porn crackdown. Ali, the creator of feetish account f00tography, describes I found about half of my content flagged for removal that she was targeted once the blanket ban on porn came into place: “After December 17. Easy images of my buddies showing the soles of the foot while fully clothed aside from their footwear and socks. ” But, regardless of the initial scare, almost all her content had been reinstated: “Tumblr provided me with the choice to impress these flags on my post and I also appealed many of them, aside from ab muscles few articles that their adult content searching algorithm was right about. After an or and so i started to get a contact from tumblr for each and every post we appealed, apologising when it comes to elimination and telling me personally my post have been restored. Day”

“A great deal of men and women with this fetish are closeted, though it’s a rather typical one! Running this site has really been insightful because from individuals and fans messaging us, we could see very very first hand how lonely people are” – ticklishcouple

Whilst Tumblr’s algorithms had been right that, yes, base pictures are a type of porn, feetish blog sites are safe so long as an individual — certainly subscribing to slim definitions of sensuality — helps make the last call. For any other creators nonetheless, the crackdown really has already established zero effect. Including the owners of feetish and blog that is tickling; a couple with shared foot fetish interests who does rather perhaps maybe not expose their genuine names. Read More