ECO PROJECT in Aveiro for International Seminar of Distance Learning

ISCIA, one of the ECO Partners is going to promote an International Seminar on Distance Learning on the 17 of January, in Aveiro, Portugal.
Taking advantage of a 2-day meeting between partners who have developed a distance education solution supported by important universities, institutions and technological companies in Europe for 3 years working in ECO Project, ISCIA intends to seize the moment to promote the debate, open to the public. The general public at a broader level in order to provide an overview of the issue of EAD.
This event will count with the collaboration of some of these institutions, as well as other representatives of the Portuguese corporate market who already have relevant experience in providing solutions based on EaD.
The institutions represented are:
The Seminar will seek to address the issue of distance learning in the context of educational institutions and organizations, as well as to promote reflection on the most sensitive issues related to it, such as quality, learning analytics, assessment, certification, Business models, among others.
In paralel during the afternoon of the International Seminar, an event promoted by the European ECO Learning Project will be held simultaneously, which will present the results of the project over the course of its 3 years of operation and which will address the theme Quality MOOCs in higher education.
If you work in this area or have interest and curiosity to know more about this subject you can sign up for free here.