Declaration of solidarity with Paris after terrorist attacks on November 2015

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black tie on Flag of France

Events as the ones last night on November 13th not only are an attack on a nation, but also an attack on humanity. Our proyect ECO cannot stand impassive against these acts. Our educative and communicative model is based on the pillar of democracy, interculturally aligned with basic human rights which dismiss

  • Both imposition and intolerance
  • Both agression and violence
  • Both martyrdom and submission

For this and even more so now we believe in what we are developing within ECO. We believe in education as a axis of human evolvement. We believe in democracy and participation. We believe in plurality and liberty.

We will continue to work in resisting and condemning terrorists´ attacks and stand in solidarity with all of our ECO partners, teachers and students and with the people of France.

Signed: All partners of the ECO project